Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nigel Sylvester for Gatorade - Go All Day : The Making of

FIXED GEAR competition by KOMPAS & CIXIE

This is the first fixed gear competition that held by a media, one of our national newspaper KOMPAS and cixie present a FIXED GEAR competition. It's free so everyone can join the competition just bring your fixie and register before the BIG day.

The competition will be held at Gramedia Kompas Building on July 4th 2010 start from 08.00 (morning) - 12.00 (afternoon) GMT +7

Prepare your skill of Trackstand & Quick Stop Skid for the competition!!

Trophy, Cash money $$$ & goodies from sponsor are waiting for you!!

see you there!

supported by SUMVELO, Monster Bike, ID-Fixed

Monday, June 28, 2010

What An Amazing ride with Fixie

Recently, our fixie friends Fitra & Galih did an epic long ride ever with fixed gear from Jakarta to Anyer. Approximately they ride about 101.2 Km in 6.5 hours (what an amazing crazy idea).

I suggested to put them on MURI (Indonesia's Record Museum) and also Guiness World Records for what they did with fixed gear. I know there's more better records with bike than these but they ride FIXIE, no brakes at all just an adrenalin and skill of skid & riding. Salute to both of them...!

pictures taken from fufufu

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Benefits of a Bicycle

Last Sunday of June. Goodbye June see you next year.

As you know this is another Sunday like usually on my post before. A day without a cars, motorcycles and common transportation's in our main road. Last Sunday on June 2010 so Car Free Day is more longer than ordinary Sunday with a lot lot of stands from multinational companies, media and even a flea market that sell a variations of bike accessories & equipment also foods & drinks.

So what do you think about Sunday? A laid back day at home or get your ass up and riding your bike or jogging? don't forget to check your bike & stuff and pray. Have a nice safety riding.