Saturday, November 20, 2010

lost bike of the day

Airwalk - One World One Gear

Today, we finally arrange our time to visited Airwalk store to saw what's inside of it. Actually it's a pretty good store, the space is not to big and not to small but quite good for gather 4-6 people for chit chat.

They just opened last month (October 2010), so the stuff is still hot and brand new like you smell it.

As y'all can see below they provide almost everything start from the frames to another like crank, pedals, toe-clip, saddle, rims and whatever you name it. The price it self is still in a good line of deal example frames made of from alloy to carbon is around SG $200-$300's.

A pretty good price with a good quality for a starter to build a fixed bike with a budget.

Remember, no credit card just bring your cash and you are free to ride your fixed.

The Orange tees is Mr. Keith Wong with his partners and the other guy was talking with the customers in front of the store (sorry i forget both of your name sir). These guys will assist and help you very kindness and friendly, so you don't have to shy to ask anything. They might be offering you to try the bike ride along near the shop. What a very humble person, right!!?

Some of the fixed community & brand based at Haji Lane, Singapore.

This is the first Airwalk's store in Singapore, you can't find it anywhere else around SG except in Blk 152 Mei Ling St.

Oakley x SE Bike "Capsule Collection"

Featured in the set will be a set of Oakley B1-B grips, a pair of SE x Oakley Factory Pilot gloves, Oakley Frogskins sunglasses, and a SE PK Ripper Looptail. One hundred pair have been sent to select SE distributors across the globe & the other 100 pair have stayed in the USA.

Killer aighttt!!!

Affinity x Kenzo Minami "digitizer" project


Monday, November 15, 2010

Superb Bicycle

Located on one of Boston’s major thoroughfares is Superb Bicycle, a fanciful and ornamental fixed gear and urban riding bike shop catering to the all the needs of urban cycling enthusiasts. The space and staff deliver all the necessities of a cycling paradise in a Victorian era motif rendered by Oziio design. This full service cycle shop offers everything from modern and classic tailored components and frames pairing to the rider’s unique personalities and traits.

Superb Bicycle
842 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02215
United States

Monday, November 08, 2010


Erba an eco-friendly bamboo bicycle

Hey guys, we all know that riding a bicycle is an eco-friendly thing, but riding a bike from completely renewable source is extra eco-conscious. This bike is crafted from bamboo and natural fiber for their frames. So if you're thinking to buy a new bike that 100% eco-friendly maybe Erba can be a good choice among others. You guys can check the durability, endurance etc on their official site.

*(remember, i said maybe not yes it sure 100% rite decision, lol)

Mission Workshop in Paris

MISSION WORKSHOP IN PARIS from Bicycle Store on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Monotine Bike

Last Friday nite i walked around from Amber Gardens to East Coast Rd and the rest of Katong, Singapore to tested Google maps. Suddenly i spotted a bike shop and plan to visit it on Saturday evening, so this is the a lil review about it. Monotine bike on 158 East Coast Rd, what they got? Mostly a road bikes from FUJI, Willer and some of the brands you name it (around SG $1500- $2500), a BMX from PK Ripper (start from SG $750-$900), not too much of fixed gear from SE Racing, FUJI, OM.FLYER (around $450-$900). They also produce a fixed gear and a folding bike with their owned name on the frames and some accessories.

Enjoy the pictures, cheers.