Sunday, March 27, 2011

quote of the day

Jakarta Bikerack

Fab's Cycle

This is Fab's Cycle another bike shop in Singapore run by the Italiano. This shop is more than just a business but a way of living for Fabrizio. So passion drove him to create a shop concept where customer not just a client but a friend and a fellow rider that shares everything about cycling.

Last post, i said TR bikes is the only bike shop in Singapore that provide a fixed gear parts in a way of living through the culture of urban cycling nowadays. I'm apologize to gave a wrong information about it, so far i know besides TR bikes is Fab's Cycle at Chinatown, Airwalk at Queenstown and Vanguards at River Valley (will review them soon).

Last but not least, all i remember about him is what he said: "i dunno man, i'm a busy man", "yaa maybe. Perhaps it's me on there", "you take care yaa".

Okay. enjoy the pictures tell about Fab's Cycle it self. Keep riding and safety, guys!