Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fab's Cycle

This is Fab's Cycle another bike shop in Singapore run by the Italiano. This shop is more than just a business but a way of living for Fabrizio. So passion drove him to create a shop concept where customer not just a client but a friend and a fellow rider that shares everything about cycling.

Last post, i said TR bikes is the only bike shop in Singapore that provide a fixed gear parts in a way of living through the culture of urban cycling nowadays. I'm apologize to gave a wrong information about it, so far i know besides TR bikes is Fab's Cycle at Chinatown, Airwalk at Queenstown and Vanguards at River Valley (will review them soon).

Last but not least, all i remember about him is what he said: "i dunno man, i'm a busy man", "yaa maybe. Perhaps it's me on there", "you take care yaa".

Okay. enjoy the pictures tell about Fab's Cycle it self. Keep riding and safety, guys!


  1. Fuck up owner with very bad service attuide, and also fucking childish, I can't believe he can survive with an attuide like that. I really hope this store close soon!!! Please boycott this store. Fucking Italy piece of shit.

    1. Yes I have experience bad service and I will take my money elsa where, never going to step into this place again! Very bad service.