Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Street Warrior

Allrite, allrite... Not mean to judging or pointing anyone but many of us nowadays are trying to be a bike messenger wanna be since fixed gear scene grown up specially in our motherland Indonesia. But not just in our land, either in the place where i stand and live now there's so many hipsters too. How we look are totally the same as the real messenger, do you admitted guys? i admit it myself, for damn sure. We rolling up our pants/jeans, wearing tight faded and raw shorts, moustache, using messenger bags, bring a U-lock, wearing a bike crew tees, and everything you name it. It's not totally wrong anyway and i think it's kinda cool. The good thing is we ride our bike more, more and more and get sweaty, keep that as a culture and lifestyle.

I know being a messenger bike is not a easy job to do, but i dunno how complex of hectic they're dealing with every single day after i watched this episode. Taking order and drop off from one to another spots or places with your half blood damn bicycle, sounds like an easy job to do, rite?! but it's not easy as it seems. This job is not about taking order all day long but more than that. This is a real professional job too like other professions. If someone says there's no future on it, they better look at themselves at the mirror, rite now.

They're all doing this for living. Fight with themselves, the traffic, and the time. How they delivered the package on time is GOLD, man. Much much much RESPECT to all messenger bike all over the world, Y'all street warrior!!

Triple Rush season 01 episode 01

keep ride your bike fellas
stay safe & peace

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stripes Ride by Reflecteur Bandi - RECAP

Happy to see our friends in Jakarta having so much fun together in any bicycles festival and parties. After all the hype and hysteria weekend of fixed fest '11 by Rocket Company seems our lovely Jakarta push the pedal out off the limit by giving us another sunny Sunday ride festival called "Stripes Ride" held by Reflecteur Bandi. I hope this gonna be a routine event every year with more riders more fun more smiles and more stripes. Y'all awesome guys!!! keep ride, ride and ride.

taken from Cyclonesia

taken from Woof

taken from Reflectuer Bandi

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Joy of Cycling

soundtrack of the day

Have a nice Sunday, all.

unlucky raffle numbers from Ro-Roll Kidul Goldsprint

I wonder to know why they named it with Ro-Roll Kidul rather than with other names. First time heard of it, i remember about our myth story about a queen who lived in southern sea of Java, Indonesia. Her name is Nyi Rara Kidul also known as Nyai Rara Kidul, Nyi Lara Kidul or Nyi Ro Ro Kidul. She loves green color so much and we're not allowed to wear anything green on our body when we hang out around the beach or you'll be disappear forever (believe it or not).

Y'all still curious about her? find out on the web because i gotta stop this spooky scary ass story and talk about the goldsprint not the queen.

During the goldsprint session at Life Cycle, every riders attend for the sprint or just for have fun with a free-flow Steinlager pure beer and a redbull dancing on Reggae YooMaaan Rastamasta Maaan spinning from the DJ's. I also met again with Faz Adhili and others Ratskl crew after the fixed fest '11 at Jakarta. The Ro-Roll Kidul was fun!!

A bad blackberry camera not given me any chances to documented all the fun all the madness last Friday. Yeah, i should thinking to buy a camera not depends on a phone camera.

unlucky raffle numbers
After my friend bought the raffle and saw the first session rolling raffle was crazy and everyone got a big smile on their face. So i decided to get my owned gold that only cost me two bucks per each of it, and cross the fingers hoping for a luck. Ro-Roll Kidul prove me wrong about the gold bring back to home, thought i should take my bus number 111 rather than those numbers. Someone's hold it and got a 2nd prize. Numbers oh numbers... Hate numbers not the bucks.

A free goodies from Urban Velo, quite a bit to pay the sadness of unlucky raffle and go home with something on the bag, LOL

Monday, June 13, 2011

Stripes Ride by Reflecteur Bandi

let's meet the chics

fixed fest 2011 RECAP

Saturday of June 11th 2011, Jakarta became a spotlight of fixed gear scene around the globe. A day that we're waiting for finally come through and became a massive as we predicted. The pre-event itself was held and success to make sure not just Jakartans rider but other cities (Bandung, Surabaya, Makasar, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Bali etc) of Indonesia and even foreign riders (KL, JAPAN, CHINA, SWEDEN, AUSTRALIA, USA) to come and feel the pressure of Fixed Fest pump up their heart beat.

It's getting more bigger, bigger and bigger when MashSF, TRAFIKLA mentioned about Emi Brown and friends will ride in JKT or just a simple tweet asking how's riding in JKT or shoutout to Indonesia beside a publication from Pedal Consumption, Heavy Pedal, Leader, Cadence and Indo fixed gear blogs became an impact.

So guys, This is my recap for Fixed Fest '11 with a few of photos via my Blackberry (such a fool i forgot to brought my devices left at home, too excited guys). Y'all better keep stay tune for update i will put a link from others recap.

Alleycat race with 6 check points that we able to beat it randomly.

I'm not the first one who came to the final check point and not the last person too but i beat it all, LOL!!
With Emi Brown after Alleycat
With Matt Spencer, Patrick Thames of Pedal Consumption and my friend Supri
With Mattias Erlandsson "Allsides" Zhenchen
Emi's Brown 735 Leader
Our official stickers and a stickers from Pedal Consumption and 19tooth
courtesy of Bike Bike d'jalan
courtesy of Michael Chacon
courtesy of South Beach Queen

video by funkadrome