Sunday, June 19, 2011

unlucky raffle numbers from Ro-Roll Kidul Goldsprint

I wonder to know why they named it with Ro-Roll Kidul rather than with other names. First time heard of it, i remember about our myth story about a queen who lived in southern sea of Java, Indonesia. Her name is Nyi Rara Kidul also known as Nyai Rara Kidul, Nyi Lara Kidul or Nyi Ro Ro Kidul. She loves green color so much and we're not allowed to wear anything green on our body when we hang out around the beach or you'll be disappear forever (believe it or not).

Y'all still curious about her? find out on the web because i gotta stop this spooky scary ass story and talk about the goldsprint not the queen.

During the goldsprint session at Life Cycle, every riders attend for the sprint or just for have fun with a free-flow Steinlager pure beer and a redbull dancing on Reggae YooMaaan Rastamasta Maaan spinning from the DJ's. I also met again with Faz Adhili and others Ratskl crew after the fixed fest '11 at Jakarta. The Ro-Roll Kidul was fun!!

A bad blackberry camera not given me any chances to documented all the fun all the madness last Friday. Yeah, i should thinking to buy a camera not depends on a phone camera.

unlucky raffle numbers
After my friend bought the raffle and saw the first session rolling raffle was crazy and everyone got a big smile on their face. So i decided to get my owned gold that only cost me two bucks per each of it, and cross the fingers hoping for a luck. Ro-Roll Kidul prove me wrong about the gold bring back to home, thought i should take my bus number 111 rather than those numbers. Someone's hold it and got a 2nd prize. Numbers oh numbers... Hate numbers not the bucks.

A free goodies from Urban Velo, quite a bit to pay the sadness of unlucky raffle and go home with something on the bag, LOL

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