Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Street Warrior

Allrite, allrite... Not mean to judging or pointing anyone but many of us nowadays are trying to be a bike messenger wanna be since fixed gear scene grown up specially in our motherland Indonesia. But not just in our land, either in the place where i stand and live now there's so many hipsters too. How we look are totally the same as the real messenger, do you admitted guys? i admit it myself, for damn sure. We rolling up our pants/jeans, wearing tight faded and raw shorts, moustache, using messenger bags, bring a U-lock, wearing a bike crew tees, and everything you name it. It's not totally wrong anyway and i think it's kinda cool. The good thing is we ride our bike more, more and more and get sweaty, keep that as a culture and lifestyle.

I know being a messenger bike is not a easy job to do, but i dunno how complex of hectic they're dealing with every single day after i watched this episode. Taking order and drop off from one to another spots or places with your half blood damn bicycle, sounds like an easy job to do, rite?! but it's not easy as it seems. This job is not about taking order all day long but more than that. This is a real professional job too like other professions. If someone says there's no future on it, they better look at themselves at the mirror, rite now.

They're all doing this for living. Fight with themselves, the traffic, and the time. How they delivered the package on time is GOLD, man. Much much much RESPECT to all messenger bike all over the world, Y'all street warrior!!

Triple Rush season 01 episode 01

keep ride your bike fellas
stay safe & peace

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