Sunday, November 07, 2010

Monotine Bike

Last Friday nite i walked around from Amber Gardens to East Coast Rd and the rest of Katong, Singapore to tested Google maps. Suddenly i spotted a bike shop and plan to visit it on Saturday evening, so this is the a lil review about it. Monotine bike on 158 East Coast Rd, what they got? Mostly a road bikes from FUJI, Willer and some of the brands you name it (around SG $1500- $2500), a BMX from PK Ripper (start from SG $750-$900), not too much of fixed gear from SE Racing, FUJI, OM.FLYER (around $450-$900). They also produce a fixed gear and a folding bike with their owned name on the frames and some accessories.

Enjoy the pictures, cheers.

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