Friday, June 18, 2010

A US$ 12 million budget for cyclist and pedestrians

Last year, President Barrack Obama prepared in amount of US$1,2 million as a budget for bicycle and pedestrians facility project. This project is created as an alternative way for US citizens to use bicycle or walk for daily activity than drive their own cars.

According to Federal Highways agency, budget for bicycle and pedestrians facility project increase from US$600 million in 2008. While 20 years ago the federal government only prepare US$6 million as a budget for that project.

Last year, there is certainly an improvement budget for this project. However, the estimate budget was increased through out of expected presumption at the beginning because the government got additional US$400 million budget from a funding that included on an economic recovery program.

Focuses about bicycle and pedestrians project reflect a transition from Bush regime. Bush's US Ministry of transport Mary Peters, refused bicycle and pedestrians project as a facility considered "its not a transportation" besides there's no policy about it in federal transportation.

In March, Obama's US Ministry of transport Ray LaHood announced a big change in transport policies. A bicycle and pedestrians project facility is same as important and equal to others transportation project. The new policy is a form of practice as an alternative way to solve transportation problem in United States.

According to annual report in US, there is an increasing number of cyclist and pedestrians. Mount of pedestrians rise dramatically from 18 million in 1990 to 42,5 million in 2009. While mount of cyclist rise from 1,7 million to 4 million in the same period of time.

"With easier access for cyclist and pedestrians, we provide more options for US citizens and creating an active and living community" said LaHood.

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