Sunday, April 10, 2011

BIKE CHECK one two 1 2 : Mr. Roy's Concorde

A nice sunny Sunday, we went to Sungei Rd for the first time to check what's the famous flea market known as "thieves market" look like. Quite interesting market where many locals sell anything from used wardrobes, Vinyl records, some old toys (too bad we got nothing on it), old cameras from Japanese brands etc with a various price we can bargain on it.

After half an hour seeing around, hot and hopeless got nothing treasure from the junk suddenly a man came along with his iron horse. We recognize the frame and decided to tail him down to his stall and have a little chit chat. He sell any kind of stone which for religious thing (dunno what is it) and seems a nice guy too. He tell us there's another one European frame at home and still waiting to set up after he got all the parts.

Okay, that's a story about him. Now, we pleased you to enjoy the pics of Mr. Roy's Concorde Aquila

Our rider of the day : Mr. Roy with his Concorde Aquila

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