Tuesday, July 06, 2010


First of all, i want to say "Happy Independence day" to all my American Fellows (still fresh so it's not too late, rite!? :P) God Bless America!!!

Last Sunday, we got two big events that related to bicycle. First event called "Bhayangkara Fun Bike - Indonesia Bersepeda" was held by Indonesian Police, that event involved a lot of participants start from TV station, Bank, local Bike company, Insurance companies etc and also all cyclist around Jakarta and others town. These event was reported live by the TV station and got a charter record from MURI for 31.000 cyclist participate to the event. A lot lot of prizes down there...

Second event called "Bike Nation" was held by KOMPAS Gramedia, it's one of the biggest newspaper in Indonesia. The event is about gathering with the all bikes communities beside there is a bike market, competitions from Fixed Gear to Trial bike to BMX to Lowrider and a reception of long ride from Surabaya to Jakarta by Polygon and Kompas team. The Competitions involved three communities from each bikes, cixie from Fixed Gear and i dunno the rest hahaha...

The most important thing is a lot of fun, joy and togetherness.

Enjoy the recap and see you other time.

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