Friday, July 16, 2010

MiNi rAcE hosted by FXFW

A mini race hosted by FXFW on BikeMarket event at kek:un, Bangka raya-Kemang, South Jakarta, Indonesia.

- No other bike beside Fixed Gear.
- FAIRPLAY is a must.
- FREE of charge.
- Email to with subject “MiniRace” (JOIN the race)
- You can register on the spot.
- Re-registration before the race (08.00-08.50)
- 1st group start at 09.00
- Contestant will be divided, drawn and race in a small group.
- You must stop at the checkpoint area before continue the race.
- Your time will be record.
- The group winner will get a prize in a group LEADER category.
- The fastest lap will be out as a winner of King of MiniRace.
- The result is final and cannot be disputed.

* all winner will be announce at BikeMarket.
* skid this (race map & route)

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