Thursday, May 13, 2010

CASIO G-SHOCK GW-S5600 "carbon fiber"

Nowadays, as we all know many of frame are made of from carbon. Name a view of the company which produce a dope carbon frame like Cinelli, Bianchi, and so on. it's light, no rusty and of course need a $$$ to get it :)

So there is a new watch from CASIO, Its GW-S5600 & GW-S5600B that made from carbon fiber materials in the construction of the case and the band. The watches include some special features including radio-syncing for time accuracy and solar charging.



The watch collection includes the GW-S5600 which includes a black/white LCD (June 30th release) while the GW-S5600B includes a black/black LCD with red trim (July 31st release). The GW-S5600 and GW-S5600B will carry respective price tags of ¥31,500 JPY and ¥33,600 JPY with a limited run of 1,500 pieces per style.

It's a nice watch to wear while riding your bike.

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