Thursday, May 27, 2010

soundtrack of the day

Today is cloudy same like yesterday and a couple days ago. I think the season is changing from sunburn to windy mix up with rainy. For some reason there's a good & bad side with the new season, the good side is no more hot temperature, no sweaty & better air and wet all over the street covered the pollution that flow away from the vehicles. The bad side is keep those suede sneakers at home, hard & danger for riding in a sleeky road and of course flu attack.

Let's hoping it just windy everyday, so we can ride on everyday without worry.

Try to listen this song while y'all riding home from office or anywhere, and look the sky and feel the wind...

and listen the words
You don't know how much you mean to me
Whenever you down
You know that you can lean on me
No matter the situation
Girl, I'm gon' hold you down

I know it's kinda crazy but realize it or not we do love our bike more than our girl/boy, aighhtt. :p

my bike is my lovely girl :P


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