Saturday, May 15, 2010

skull face hit the street

Today, i received a small packaged from somebody out there. It's a slayer or bandana with a half skull graphics in two different color, fabric and also the skull face. I'm gonna wear them for riding and as you (for those who live in JKT) know our city is so hot and pollute.

Everyday without pollution from Common Transportation (Bus, Angkot, Bajaj, Taxi), Truck & Container , Motorcylce and Cars also industries in Jakarta is a dream A BIG DREAM. A POLLUTION and no BIKE LANE what a great mix for riding in our town, its feels like between life and death. So that's why i use it & its good too to hide my face from people in the street :)

Mmm... I'm got an idea to make this slayer with different graphics :P

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