Sunday, May 16, 2010

machine with gasoline is SUCKS on Sunday

We all know that Sunday is a day. Sunday also a day before Monday :P. If you are a true believer Sunday is Sabbath for Christian & Catholic & Sunday is a prayer day too for Buddhist & Moslem (besides Friday). For some others, they have another meaning about Sunday. They said Sunday is chillin day. Sunday is laid back & lazy time at home and Sunday is a family day. I 'm sure there's a lot of meaning & opinion about Sunday.
For some people (i dunno how many of them, but i can say quite a lot) in Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia Sunday means CAR FREE DAY. It's officially held by the government to give a space for the citizen using a main street for sport (jogging & cycling), the other purpose is to make Jakarta and other big cities breathe and support the campaign & awareness of global warming.

So this is what we do every Sunday with a view of fixie

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